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Climate based Terrain generation is a procedural terrain generation tool for Unreal Engine 4. It allows you to create complex terrains based on climate data. Temperature, humidity and preciptation influence the generation of the terrain and help you define natural looking biomes for large scale terrains. Even after everything is set, you can easily go back to any settings, tweak the settings and watch the magic happen. Climate based Terrain generation allows YOU to iterate over complex large scale landscapes within minutes. Check down below what Climate based Terrain generation can add to your project

Awesome Features

Creating complex terrains for your 3D project can be tedious work, especially when you need more than one biome
This tool takes away most of the tediousness, watch the video to see why it is so awesome

Beautiful base terrain

Quickly and easily create complex layerd terrain to use as a perfect base

Climate data

Use temperature, humidity and precipitation to influence the effect of the erosion and define biomes


Complex erosion, based on Houdini 16's terrain erosion, that takes all climate data in consideration

Unreal Engine 4

Seamlessley works with Unreal's Landscape tools and works beautifully with landscape materials and procedural folliage

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Currently the tool is not available to download, this will probably change in the future.
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Inner workings

If you're still not convinded, you might want to know more about the inner workings

Noise stacking

Noises, shapes and effects can be stacked (theoretically) limetless and in any order to get the terrain suited for your project

Climate data

Climate data can be painted on the terrain to be influence the effects of the erosion and later to define biomes

RGB to climate

The RGB colors are used to define the climate data. Red for temperature. Green for humidity.

Houdini Erosion

The erosion is mainly based on Houdini's erosion but alterd to take the climate data into account

Climate values

The intensity set in the erosion is taken as avarage value. Colors above 0.5 intensity strengthen the effect, everything below weakens the effect


The layers in the final result can easily be used with Unreals landscape materials and procedural folliage


Now that you're convinced this is the right tool for you, let's start learning how to use it!
Watch the tutorial video to see all the steps on how to create a similar terrain to what you saw in the trailer

Video Tutorial


To use this tool, you need to have Houdini and Houdini Engine for Unreal Engine 4 installed. You can find them here . Due to licensing limitations, only Houdini Indie and higher allow this tool to run in Unreal Engine 4

To make sure everything will work, checkout this check list

  • Use Houdini 16.0.633 or higher
  • Install both Houdini and Houdini Engine
  • Use Unreal Engine 4.14 or higher
  • To integrate with UE4, use Houdini Indie or higher


To create the ideal terrain for your UE4 project
only four steps are required









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